May 2023 Workshop

  • Jul 20, 2023

May 2023 Workshop

The workshop in May was a small intimate affair. Three couples, my assistant Kaz and myself spent an amazing weekend together in Coolangatta. There is something special about a small group, it seems to create an instant intimacy with each other and with the other attendees. Here was a lovely relaxed feel and everyone seemed to gel right from the very start. I love a small group because there is more opportunity to really get to know everyone and answer any questions that arise in more depth. Despite each couple bringing their unique challenges, they quickly formed strong bonds, driven by their shared intention to overcome relationship pain and rediscover connection and safety with one another.

The first night of the workshop was at my home in Palm Beach and the following two days were at the Kirra Cultural Centre in Coolangatta. Friday The first night is important because it sets the scene for what is to follow. The rest of the weekend builds on this start. Each part of the workshop is important and must not be missed if maximum benefit is to be achieved.

On Friday apart from the meet and greet and the delicious supper the couples are introduced to the concepts of Imago, and we unpack the stages and phases that all committed love relationships go through. The couples get to have their first experience of the Imago dialogue when they practiced the appreciation dialogue.

Everyone left the evening excited about what lay ahead for the rest of the weekend. There were so many highlights over the the two and a bit days that it is hard to single them out.

For me I loved when we spoke about creating a 'couple bubble' and what that might look like for each couple. The couples then went outside armed with their bubble mixture and had great fun on the lawn blowing bubbles at each other. There was a bit of competition over who could blow the biggest and longest lasting bubbles. It’s was so nice to be witness to the couple’s younger selves having fun together. A big part of the weekend is about rediscovering how to have fun with each.

Hernandos Hideaway Video

Another favourite part for me is watching the couples do the one finger tango with each other. One person has their eyes closed and is led around the room to the tango Hernando's Hideaway. It’s such a hoot to see the fun they have with each other.

These fun things are just interludes that break up the seriousness of the topics we cover. What does it mean to be in a conscious relationship? How do we resolve conflict and express our frustrations with each other safely? What do we bring into our relationships from the past and how does this help us to understand each other? What is our joint vision for the future together. Are just an example of what we tackle over this very full weekend.

My very favourite part is at the end when I step back and savour the sight before my eyes. To witness the difference between the couples who arrived on Friday and the ones who prepare to leave on Sunday fills my eyes with tears. They hold each other in a loving embrace as they dance to the final slow dance. The reconnection, the tenderness, the love and warmth seems to fill the air. My assistant Kaz and I couldn’t help but join them in this moment and dance along with them.

The next workshop is in September and I am already looking forward to it. Each workshop although has common elements is always different and I am excited to see what September has in store.

Next Workshop September 22-24

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