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Fee Schedule and Locations


Southport -Tuesday 11 am - 7 pm
9 Bay Street, Southport
Office 5

Palm Beach - Monday 9.30 am - 7 pm, Thursday 12 pm - 7 pm and Friday 11 am - 5.30 pm
Address given after appointment is scheduled

Fee Schedule
  • Individuals: $150 for 60 minutes
    90 minutes $190
    Concession $110
  • Couples: 90 minutes $220
    120 minutes $280
    Concession (90 mins) $190
    Family Therapy from $280
    Premarriage Program 3 x 2 hours $750
  • If fees are an issue please discuss with Jiselle and she will work with you to make therapy possible
  • Concession rates apply to pension, healthcare cards, students, and financial hardship

Initial sessions need to be paid in advance.

Pre-paid Packages

A great way to save and show commitment to your relationship.

Relationship Counselling
  • 3 * 90 minute sessions - $590 save 10%
  • 5 * 90 minute sessions - $ 935 (best value) Highly Recommended
Individual Counselling and Mindfulness Training (can include up to 3 people
  • 3 * 60 minute sessions - $446 save 10%
  • 5 * 60 minute sessions - $ 637 save 15%

Reduced and Concession Rates

**Please discuss with me if you are experiencing financial constraints, are a student or have a pension card. It is my intention to always work with you to make the therapeutic journey possible.

A Note on Fees

It is my intention to always make therapy possible for those who want it. Don't be shy, discuss with me if fees are an issue. I have a Good Karma policy so ask me about it.

A Wise Investment

The wisest investment you will ever make is to invest in yourself and or your relationship.

Divorce or separation is a costly path to go down especially once the lawyers become involved.

Investing now in your relationship makes a lot of sense. The rewards will be many-fold and it is an investment that will keep returning to you in many ways over and over again.

Health Insurance Rebates

Currently 5 funds cover counselling.

Bupa, Medibank Private, ahm, the Police Fund and the Doctors Health Fund provide rebates for counselling consultations.

If you are not with one of these funds I recommend you lobby your personal health fund to provide rebates for counselling services.


Sessions are not covered by Medicare

Important: When you are referred to a psychologist or social worker on a mental health care plan you will then have a mental health record. This record can be accessed by interested parties such as government bodies, insurance and superannuation companies. This may impact your access to insurance and even to benefits.

Your privacy is paramount to me. I am not required to share your information with anyone unless I have your permission or I am required by law to do so.

Tax Deductable

Coaching, counselling and mindfulness training are often tax deductible, please check with your accountant

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