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My name is Jiselle Saraghi, a counsellor specialising in relationships, I am Imago Relationship therapist as well as a mindfulness teacher. My mission is to help my clients work towards their own version of a well lived life while enjoying healthy, happy relationships. Check my Google Reviews

Jiselle Saraghi Marriage Counsellor Gold Coast

Counselling with empathy by a qualified and caring therapist can begin the process of developing insight, self-awareness and personal empowerment. Close friends and family can sometimes help us through life's difficulties but their assistance may not always be enough.

Getting The Love You  Want Workshop


Friday 27 May, 6-8 pm, Saturday 28 May 10 am - 7 pm, Sunday 29 May 9 am - 5.30 pm
Venue to be confirmed

  • A psycho - education workshop with lectures, written exercises, live demonstrations and practice sessions with your partner - NOT GROUP THERAPY
  • The workshop draws upon the teachings of Imago Relationship Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. Both these models achieve an astounding success rate.
  • The workshop is equivalent to 6 months couple work!
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You can take the first step towards living the life you want to live.

I have felt very safe and nurtured in the time that I have spent with her and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive change in their life.
Susan Testimonial


4th August 2016
Less than one year down the track, my life has transformed. Not only am I experiencing physical wellness, I feel spiritually enlivened and far more in tune and present with myself, others and life's precious gifts.
Anna Testimonial


22nd June 2016
Getting The Love You Want

Getting The Love You Want

May 14, 2022
I recall the couple who agreed to give the workshop a go before making the decision to separate or not. Their experience blew me away, their relationship completely turning around and reaching a level I don't believe either of them thought possible.

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Overcoming Negativity Bias

Mar 04, 2022
In our relationships it means that the twenty positive interactions you may have had that day with your partner can be wiped out by that one irritating thing they have done and that becomes all you can think about it.

Do you feel like your are walking on Eggshells?

Do you feel like your are walking on Eggshells?

Oct 15, 2020
I hear this phrase frequently in the therapy room and it's something I've personally experienced in my own relationships. Feeling like you are 'walking on eggshells' does not feel good and it is not how we want to feel in our relationships.

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