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My name is Jiselle Saraghi, a counsellor specialising in relationships, I am an Imago relationship therapist as well as a mindfulness teacher. My mission is to help my clients work towards their own version of a well lived life while enjoying healthy, happy relationships. Check my Google Reviews

Jiselle Saraghi Marriage Counsellor Gold Coast

Counselling with empathy by a qualified and caring therapist can begin the process of developing insight, self-awareness and personal empowerment. Close friends and family can sometimes help us through life's difficulties but their assistance may not always be enough.

Getting The Love You  Want Workshop


Friday 19 July 4 - 7 pm, Saturday 20 July 9 am - 6 pm, Sunday 21 July 9 am - 6 pm
Kirra Cultural Centre, Gold Coast

  • A psycho - education workshop with lectures, written exercises, live demonstrations and practice sessions with your partner - NOT GROUP THERAPY
  • The workshop draws upon the teachings of Imago Relationship Therapy, an extremely effective form of couples therapy.
  • The workshop is equally suitable for couples wishing to deepen and enhance their connection and couples in trouble who may be deciding whether to stay or go.
  • The workshop is equivalent to 6 months couple work!
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You can take the first step towards living the life you want to live.

I have felt very safe and nurtured in the time that I have spent with her and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive change in their life.
Susan Testimonial


4th August 2016
Less than one year down the track, my life has transformed. Not only am I experiencing physical wellness, I feel spiritually enlivened and far more in tune and present with myself, others and life's precious gifts.
Anna Testimonial


22nd June 2016
Disconnected in a Connected World

Disconnected in a Connected World

Nov 29, 2023
In the age of technology, our lives are intricately woven with devices that promise constant connection. Yet, ironically, this digital tether often leads to a disconnection within our most intimate relationships.

Unlocking the power of repair

Unlocking the power of repair

Aug 21, 2023
The sign of a healthy relationship is not that you do not fight or have conflict but is about how quickly you repair the rupture.


Recent Reviews

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  • Lisa Wraight
    Lisa Wraight
    Apr 11, 2024 via Google  

    Going to Jiselle's Imago workshop, I'm truly pleased to say, shocked & surprised me in the best way possible! In our 37 years of marriage, I honestly felt my husband & I had nothing new to discover about each other, or even to learn about love & communication. Well I was wrong! The whole weekend we learned heaps & had fun too! Not only between ourselves but also sharing alongside with other couples as a group too.

    It was fascinating to learn the mirroring technique of dialoguing & mindful listening, then repeating back what your partner had just spoken. To really see things from your partner's perception, no second guessing, was a powerful eye-opener. This was a way that we could communicate better & ask questions of each other without having any doubts or anxiety to be open & vulnerable in a fully safe way. Jiselle was a wonderful supportive guide through it all. The way she listened to all of us & helped summarise our issues as we were learning, was so impressive!

    A most impactful part for me, was discovering the reasons & importance of revisiting deeply hidden feelings & situations from early childhood memories.
    To share these together, was quite the shockingly intense but insightful & deeply moving experience that opened new depths of connection & reached a whole other level of caring & understanding between us both.

    What I loved most about the weekend workshop was rediscovering what my husband & I deeply felt & valued about each other. OMG I fell in love all over again! It was not only a wonderful confirmation to see things we were already doing successfully in our relationship, but going through the Imago tasks, stages & procedures with Jiselle's caring guidance, explained the how & why we ended up together. It just made so much sense.

    All in all - an amazing, fabulous, creative, impactful, workshop.!

    Well done & thank you, Jiselle for all the extra Nurturing & Nourishing layers you've imparted to us both that we can continue on with into our future together.
    Love from Lisa & Joseph

  • Karin Griffin
    Karin Griffin
    Apr 12, 2023 via Google  

    I have been having couples counselling with Jiselle now for a peeiod of time...she is a very astute counsellor and is very ethical and honest with extremely good skills in really effective couples counselling based firmly in the respected Imago relationship style.
    I myself have worked in this area for about ten tears so any cracks in a counsellor would quickly be seen by me and all I can say is if you want to get to a healthy place with your relationship, learn effective communication skills and learn why and how you trigger each other and how to solve this go see her, do the exercises she goves and trust her to guide you to a happier more satisfying and healthy way to move forward. Although I haven't yet done her couples workshops I certainly hope to and friends also recommend this.
    Jiselle has certainly gone beyond and above to support both myself and my husband and our marriage counselling and I can only give her my highest recommendation as a counsellor and as a couples counsellor...
    May you find the love you want...

  • Nissa Ham
    Nissa Ham
    Mar 6, 2022 via Google  

    My husband and I did couples counselling and can't thank Jiselle enough for helping us to overcome some issues we were having. I highly recommend seeing Jiselle to help with communication and to strengthen the relationship.

  • Shaun Kelly
    Shaun Kelly
    Aug 18, 2021 via Google  

    The Imago modality is amazing, and Jiselle is an incredible counsellor. We have done couples counselling before, but nothing compares to Imago in its ability to get straight to the point and get you talking. Jiselle is a very thoughtful and creative person who brings a calm gravitas to the session. It has really helped us understand how my ADHD fits into our relationship. We highly recommend Innercalm Counselling!

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill
    Oct 24, 2020 via Google  

    My husband and I went to Jiselle for about 8 weeks, we had some things to overcome, learn, compromise and just needed some support. We have been together for almost 11 years and known each other for 21. With our history and bond it was hard for us to admit we needed some guidance and support, however, it was the best thing we did for our marriage and over all relationship at that point in time. Jiselle assisted us through some tangles that we had and worked with us to get through them and helped us understand what we were feeling and what we were going through. We saw Jiselle back in March April 2020. It has now been 7 months since then... I wasnt going to put a review until some time had passed and we were able to put our work into our relationship to give a true review back to our marriage counsellor. My husband and I got married 2 and a half years ago, we had stresses and mental health affected our marriage from some stressing times on my end, we were in a very difficult time when we approached Jiselle. After every single session, we were able to take home a different perspective, tools to communicate in a healthier way, listening tools and even better an appreciation to each other, which we didnt recognise at the time. Today, we are at the end of October, my husband and i are super connected, we feel like were 17 year olds in love again with a bit more maturity, we are pregnant with our 1st child and just came back from our honeymoon which we hadnt allocated the time or money prior to all of this. We are so thankful we met and stuck to our programme with Jiselle, she is amazing, makes you feel comfortable and doesnt judge any situation, if anything she sheds light and perspective over the situations. I would reccomend her 1000 times over we feel like she really helped us in a huge way and we absolutely appreciate all her time. Thank you so much Jiselle. Jess and Ryan =)

  • Craig Bastian
    Craig Bastian
    Aug 20, 2020 via Google  

    have been attending inner calm for the past 3 MThs , has been incredible experience which has helped us understand more about our relationship and how to deal with situation and many tools we can use to help us along our journey , Thanks blessings Craig , Kerrie

  • Marc Hetherington
    Marc Hetherington
    Aug 19, 2020 via Google  

    19/8/2020 - I started seeing Jiselle roughly one year ago, and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made to this date. I first walked into her office beat down and extremely broken hearted from the hammering of contemporary life style and personal relationships. As frightening as it was for me to approach someone who I knew nothing about, Jiselle made me feel extremely welcomed, safe and comfortable the whole time. I was always greeted with a smile, comforts and clean, calm, peaceful surroundings. Time and money was never an issue, during hard times of Covid, she was constantly reaching out offering her services free of charge and always making sure I was okay and if times and dates suited me.
    The feedback during sessions was practical and emotional, always suggesting new ways of thinking, assessing new and past relationships and improving my mental health outside of sessions (inc great books and meditation recommendations). Always empathetic and understanding of what I wanted. Was always listening and could understand everything I was trying to say internally and externally. Showed interest in what I was saying and feeling. She always checked in on my progress, but most importantly, she helped me find courage. The courage to find myself, to find a better place and help me believe I can improve my life and relationships....and I have. In summary, an investment, safe, kind, extremely educated, honest, open minded and has helped me beyond all belief and I'm now well on the way to a better place.
    If you are seeking help whether it be for a broken heart, relationships with yourself, significant other or family, I couldn't recommend Jiselle enough.
    The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

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