Weight Management

Healthy Eating Program

The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance

Nathaniel Brandon

Mindful Munchers is a revolutionary mindfulness based approach to healthy weight management. It works equally well with issues of overweight and obesity as it does with eating disorders. The program utilises the latest findings in neuroscience and positive psychology, the premise is that change must occur from within and that there is a new you’ waiting to appear!

Mindful Munchers does this by shifting your mind set so that you begin to think in a different way. It is about identifying and changing long-standing patterns. As the new you emerges you will no longer think or act in the same way.

This program is for anyone who is:

  • Unhappy about their weight.
  • Confused about food and spends too much time thinking about it.
  • Fed up with diets and realises that they don't work.
  • Ready to make positive changes in their life.
  • Wanting to be happier and healthier.

Over the 8 sessions you will explore the emotional triggers, limiting beliefs and ingrained patterns that have impacted on your relationship with food. Values clarification and working out what is important to you is an important part of the initial sessions as this will motivate you and start the process of change. We will spend time unraveling the real reasons why diets don’t work and how crucial it is to learn to be kind to yourself. You will learn that our state of being and sense of self worth should not be connected to a number on a scale and that there is a different natural weight for everyone. The way you feel is the best indicator that you are at your healthy weight. I highly recommend you throw away your scales.

In this program you will:

  • Discover why diets don’t work.
  • Learn to trust yourself and become attuned to the needs of your body
  • Develop greater self compassion and self love as you discover new ways to nurture and nourish yourself
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight permanently
  • Reconnect to the joy of eating
  • Understand your emotional triggers that lead to comfort eating
  • Unearth the sabotaging limiting beliefs hidden in your subconscious.

The program is about abundance, celebration and loving life rather than deprivation or a sense of missing out.

In Mindful Munchers we meditate, visualise, talk, celebrate, set achievable goals and much more!!!

Mindful Munchers is a vehicle for self growth, self awareness and insight and will propel you towards the life you want to live.

Jiselle Inner Calm

Change happens when you begin to practice self love, compassion and acceptance. Truly accepting yourself at the point where you are right now is the moment that the shift will happen.

You will discover that as you feel better about yourself a healthier relationship with food becomes only one of the many benefits you will experience as a Mindful Muncher.

Mindful Munchers draws upon the work of Geneen Roth, “Women, Food and God”, and Dr Rick Kausman “If Not Dieting Then What”.

Program Structure

Mindful Munchers is an individual or small group program.

  • Initial program consists of 8 sessions.
  • Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly.
  • Session one is 90 minutes duration
  • Sessions two to eight are 60 minutes duration
  • Follow up sessions are shorter (40 minutes) and are a reduced rate.

Research reveals that 8 weeks is the minimum amount of time needed to establish new habits. The 8 weeks will give you a great start in establishing a new way of being but it is highly recommend that you continue with follow up sessions over the next few months to provide you with any support you might need to stay on track as the new ‘you’ emerges.

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